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Jewelry researcher and valuator Leanne Parks of Atlanta, Georgia states the following concerning the work of design jeweler Stewart Jones: “With a combination of modern and authentic period hand-held tools collected over a lifetime, Stewart Jones fervently preserves near-forgotten techniques of the great Master Jewelers by hand-fabricating jewelry in precious metals as was traditional at the early, great jewelry Houses of Frédéric Boucheron, Louis Francois Cartier, and Charles Lewis Tiffany…

Currently, Stewart Jones is also one of a handful of elite Guillochéurs in the world using an original, hand-turned, period rose engine preserved and used in the manner of Peter Karl Fabergé. Jones’s authentic, restored and fully functional Early to Mid-Victorian (Romantic to Grand Period) antique Swiss rose engine was manufactured circa 1860 in Le Locle, Switzerland by A. Uhlinger…

This machine is a rare find: as the twentieth century dawned, European wars and revolutions transformed many Master Jeweler workshops into factories. The few rose engines produced and used for jewelry were disassembled, destroyed or modified for industrial applications. Additionally, the skilled artisans of the day were drafted to military service and as time elapsed, their venerated artistry methods became nearly extinct.”

Stewart Jones is available for Swiss rose engine demonstrations when requested, and he is an excellent source for diamonds, gemstones, pearls or any other of your jewelry needs. If you visit Joseph, we invite you to make an appointment to tour his studio.

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