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Stewart Jones has had a love affair with design and machinery since first working on antique cars as a teenager. He now lives in Joseph, Oregon, in a house built in 1909, where he refurbished a 1950 Dodge four-on-the-floor B2B half ton pickup, and has added a circa 1860 Swiss rose engine lathe to his studio.

While studying architecture at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Stewart learned about the oldest technique for working metal: fabrication – the cutting, bending and shaping of metals to produce one-of-a-kind works of superior integrity. He left his architecture studies after five years to start a career in jewelry design and manufacturing.

Rose Engine Pendant

Although Stewart works in all fine metals, he specializes in 18k gold and platinum, and combines his expertise in architectural design and functionality with his education in metals to create works that are both beautiful and functional.

In 1978, Stewart earned worldwide recognition as a first place winner for his domed, gold and diamond ring in the DeBeers Diamonds International Awards presented in Paris, France. In 1980, he won Honorable Mention for his gold and diamond belt buckle in the DeBeers Diamonds Today Awards USA. And in 1987, the Gold Information Center, New York presented him with a Certificate of Outstanding Design for a multi-layered gold pin design.

Catherine & Stewart

After owning his own shop in Portland, Oregon, then expanding into a jewelry and art gallery in Lake Oswego, Stewart relocated with his wife, Catherine Matthias, to the town of Joseph in 1999. The Culture Trip website designated Joseph one of The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Oregon, and Stewart Jones one of The 8 Most Notable Artists of Joseph.

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Joseph, Oregon, is a vibrant town of approximately 1250 people located in the extreme northeast corner of Oregon. Just a mile north of beautiful Wallowa Lake, the town sits at the base of the spectacular Wallowa Mountains and on the edge of the 354,290 square acre Eagle Cap Wilderness. Numerous rivers and creeks crisscross the area, known to its first inhabitants, the Nez Perce, as “the land of winding waters.” Joseph is home to numerous galleries, specialty shops, and bronze foundries producing work that is shipped all over the world. Art, recreational and agricultural tourism, ranching, and timber are the mainstays of the county. For additional information about the area, please go to the Links page.

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