Robin Woodsmith

Robin Woodsmith

Robin’s first exposure to bead weaving was on her birthday in 1986, in Juneau, Alaska where she grew up. Her stepfather and sister had given her a gorgeous blue beaded amulet necklace. Robin’s enchantment with the piece led her to the person who made it, nationally known bead artist, Ella Johnson-Bentley. Ella soon became a mentor and good friend. Robin credits Ella with encouraging her to develop a budding interest into a passion.

In 2001, Robin retired from Alaska State Government to relocate with her husband to Wenatchee, Washington. This created the perfect opportunity to direct all her energy into beading and to develop her own style. Using thread and needle, she hand weaves using a variety of traditional bead stitches and their variants. Robin especially enjoys freeform bead weaving using many different colors and types of beads. She begins a piece with only a color scheme in mind and works on the premise that all things are constantly changing. This gives her limitless possibilities to create one-of-a-kind woven pieces of wearable bead art.

So much of Robin’s time is spent in her bead room that her husband has jokingly threatened to start a support group called FLAB – Friends and Lovers of Addicted Beaders. Robin’s response, I feel very fortunate to have discovered a passion that calms my mind, awakens my creative nature and brings me joy. We hope her work brings you the same joy.

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