Dona Miller

Dona Miller

Dona came to jewelry design naturally. As a child she was often found rummaging in her mother’s jewelry box, figuring out ways to recombine her jewels. She collected stones and shells, and learned to use a hammer by helping her father in his woodworking shop.

She began designing jewelry in high school, then continued on to college where she focused her creative designs skill in other areas. However, she kept her interest in the arts with explorations of painting, photography, and interior design. After leaving her career in the high tech world, Dona could no longer resist the desire to work with metal and stones.

Forms in nature are her greatest influence, especially water, with her designs often reflecting the fluid effects created by moving water. Her pieces are hand crafted with intense attention to detail, and her work has won many awards. She now teaches traditional metalsmithing techniques and modern metal clay crafting.

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