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Stewart Jones Designs is located in the heart of Joseph’s downtown in an historic, 1911 bank building with 16 foot ceilings, marble wall accents, original porcelain tile floors, and two vaults, one holding machinery, the other jewelry when the gallery is closed. In addition to being the studio and showcase for international award-winning design jeweler Stewart Jones, the gallery features bronze, hand blown glass, photography, segmented wood turnings, and beadwork.

Established in 1989, in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and originally called Indigo Gallery by husband and wife team, Stewart Jones and Catherine Matthias, the business relocated to Joseph in 1999, and settled into a Colonial Revival-style home that housed the gallery on the first floor.

In 2005, Stewart and Catherine bought the brick bank building and moved the gallery there. They then sold the Colonial-Revival and bought a home on Dobbin Road just 3 miles from Joseph, a vibrant, rural town of approximately 1100 people located in the extreme northeast corner of Oregon.

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A mile north of beautiful Wallowa Lake, the town sits at the base of the spectacular Wallowa Mountains and on the edge of the 354,290 square acre Eagle Cap Wilderness. Numerous rivers and creeks crisscross the area, known to its first inhabitants, the Nez Perce, as “the land of winding waters”. Joseph is home to numerous galleries, specialty shops, and bronze foundries producing work that is shipped all over the world. Art, recreational and agricultural tourism, ranching, and timber are the mainstays of the county. For additional information about the area, please go to the Links page.

The next change occurred in 2010, when the gallery was renovated so that Stewart’s work benches could be brought to the front from his back room studio, allowing the public to watch him work. A 35 foot long counter, topped with black granite, was built along the north wall. This area now houses his drafting table, platinum work bench, gold and silver bench, and a circa 1860 Swiss rose engine. His former studio still houses his cleaning and polishing equipment, stone cutting equipment, drill press, mill, sandblaster, hammers and stakes, granulation bench, and enameling equipment.

Stewart Jones Designs is open to the public two days a week, Friday and Saturday, throughout the year, allowing Stewart time to concentrate on jewelry fabrication the other days. However, for those who are in town only during closed days, appointments can be arranged in advance by calling 541.432.5202 or emailing us at stewartjonesdesigns@gmail.com.

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